March 30 – Student Association of Vegan and Vegetarian Youth – Rochester, NY

Meatout is an annual expo held in Hirst Lounge that is used to promote a vegan lifestyle, and it is the end of a 24-hour pledge to give up animal products! We will be tabling in Wilson Commons for you to sign the pledge the day before Meat Out (March 29th), and a link will also be posted if you would like to sign the pledge online. The expo on March 30th will feature a performance by Sihir, and we invited a PETA speaker, Hanh Nguyen, to join us as well. We will be having some vegan-friendly restaurants and organizations throughout Rochester tabling, and there will be FREE VEGAN FOOD!! Event starts at 1 pm. Check out our Facebook event page here.

University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
United States
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