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MeatOut has been officially declared in several cities and counties throughout the US including Ithaca, NY, Takoma Park, MD, Portsmouth, VA, and Hawai’i County, HI.

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What is a proclamation?
A proclamation (also called a resolution in some localities) is an official document issued by Governors, Mayors, or other Elected Officials to commemorate a specific time period (day, week, or month) for the purpose of raising awareness of an issue, or celebrating milestones. For MeatOut’s 25th anniversary, our goal is to secure as many proclamations as possible commemorating MeatOut (March 20, 2020), and you can help.

How to Request a Proclamation:
A proclamation may be requested through email, fax, postal mail, or online forms. Contact your local changemakers (Governor, Mayor, City Council, Board of Supervisors, State Legislature, etc.) to find out what process they require.
The process for requesting a proclamation usually takes weeks, so contact your elected officials as soon as possible.
Provide a draft of the proclamation (see below).
The representative’s office reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request.
If a proclamation has been issued in the past, a new request still needs to be requested each year.

Sample Email Requesting Your MeatOut Proclamation:

Dear [Name]:

March 20 is the first day of Spring, and it also marks the national celebration of MeatOut!

Started in 1985, MeatOut empowers thousands of people from coast to coast to turn over a new leaf by exploring the many benefits of vegan eating — for animals, our health, and the planet. As celebrations continue to grow and expand, I’m writing to request a Proclamation declaring March 20 as MeatOut Day in [name of city/county]. For your convenience and consideration, I’ve included sample language below.

By Proclaiming MeatOut Day in our community, it shows support for vital work of educating the public on the benefits of choosing vegan foods for human health, the planet, and the animals.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information and I’ll also be happy to follow up in the next few days.

Thank you for consideration on this special request.

[Name, phone, address]

Sample Proclamation:

March 20, 2020
A PROCLAMATION BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ___________________________ .

WHEREAS, removing animal products from our diets reduces the risk of various ailments, including heart disease, high-blood pressure, stroke, various cancers, and diabetes;

WHEREAS, a vegan diet helps protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, preserving forests, grasslands and wildlife habitats, and reduces pollution of waterways;

WHEREAS, a growing number of people are reducing their meat consumption to help prevent animal cruelty;

WHEREAS, since MeatOut was launched in 1985, more than 35 million Americans have explored a vegan diet and reduced their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs; and major food manufacturers and national franchises are marketing more vegan options in response to this growing demand:

NOW, THEREFORE I, the Mayor of the City of __________________ do hereby pronounce March 20, 2020 as “MeatOut Day” and call upon all the residents to explore the benefits and flavors of a wholesome vegan diet.