Planning a MeatOut event? Why not consider adding a +1! 

In 2024, we’re asking everyone participating in MeatOut to do it with a friend (family member, coworker, whoever!). Keep hearing about that vegan restaurant but haven’t tried it? Now’s your chance to grab someone and go check it out! Document what you eat and who you got to join you using #meatout. Want to do something in-person? Great! Reach out to FARM at info@farmusa.org

If you’re considering an in-person event this March, please take all necessary precautions, check with your local health department to see if there are any restrictions, and practice mask-wearing and social-distancing. If weather permits, consider hosting your MeatOut event outdoors. Everyone at FARM appreciates your efforts to promote MeatOut and want to stress the importance of being safe.

Here are some guides from VegResources.com to help you find vegan events:

How do I find vegan events? | How do I find a vegan festival?

Take the meat out of your diet and take the MeatOut pledge today.

Since 1985, Meatout has been featured in national, and international, news outlets. Check out our NEWS page.