March 2020 Update:

Out of concern for the health and safety of our staff, supporters, and the wider community during the current coronavirus pandemic, Animal Outlook has made the difficult decision to cancel its involvement in all upcoming events this spring. For this reason, we are regretfully canceling our own World MeatOut Day events, as well as ending our promotion of all independently organized events celebrating World MeatOut Day. MeatOut celebrations will, however, continue on our website, where we’ve shared official proclamations from coast to coast recognizing MeatOut and invite supporters to take our vegan pledge to unlock exclusive deals and free resources.

We are asking that our volunteers refrain from engaging in community activities such as protesting and leafleting on behalf of Animal Outlook’s programs during this time. We also strongly encourage those who are organizing their own community events on or around World MeatOut Day to consider shifting to a virtual format. For those who elect to move forward with events independently of Animal Outlook, we urge you to avoid serving open food and to follow the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance to minimize risks to attendees.

We will continue to monitor updates and recommendations from the below agencies and encourage you to stay up to date, as well as to take personal safety precautions:

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization (WHO)

We share your disappointment in the impacts this unfolding public health crisis will have on the 35th anniversary of MeatOut, but we recognize the importance of protecting personal and public health. We would love to collaborate with you on transitioning your planned events to a virtual format and invite you to reach out to us at for resources and ideas.

Thank you again for your support of MeatOut and Animal Outlook’s work.

We’re changing the world for animals!

You can make an Impact

Check out last year’s MeatOut numbers to see how far-reaching your impact will be:

years celebrating meatout

countries participating in 2019

worldwide events held

government meatout proclamations

Ways To Get Involved

Here are just some activities you can do for MeatOut:

• Take the VegPledge and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
• Ask local officials to endorse MeatOut through proclamations.
• Distribute vegan food samples, literature, or host a vegan potluck in your community.
Spread the word with a MeatOut banner, poster, or social media meme (be sure to use the hashtags #MeatOut and #MeatOut2020)
• Encourage local restaurants to feature vegan options

Pledge to Eat Vegan on March 20th!


What Is MeatOut?

MeatOut was started in 1985 by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) to promote a conversation questioning the consumption of animal products around the world. The first day of spring was selected as symbolic of renewal and turning over a new leaf. In 2018, Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) took over the tradition of MeatOut by inspiring people to try veganism and using the day as a launch to VegWeek in April.